Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The countdown to 24hrs of Great Glen

So I'm in the final stretch coming up to the big 24hr race at Great Glen. Rob Bousquet and I will be racing as a two-man team on single-speed bikes. It's going to be two men, two bikes, two gears and one dream--to be the best! Hah. My dream, more of a potentially sleep deprived delusion, will be to survive. I got my last big training ride in on August 1st: just under 6hrs on the bike and just under 50 miles covering trails in Bradley Palmer, Willowdale and along the Bay Circuit Trail. I'm amazed at the amount of great trails in my back yard, and I can't believe how many of them are new to me. This Bay Circuit Trail will definitely needs further exploration. Anyway, I survived the training ride without complications. I was getting sore--not sore/tired legs, but sore neck/wrists/butt. I'm thinking that with the frequent breaks and ability to stretch between laps will help mitigate that at the 24hr race. And, I carried just about all the water/fuel I needed for this last ride with me--another thing that I won't have to worry about at Great Glen. Nope, I'll just have to worry about staying awake and keeping those pedals churning, mile after mile, hour after hour...

I still have plenty of preparation ahead of me before I'm ready to head north too. This is my first week at a new job--which is great, but I'm basically heading home each night and trying to organize and pack gear. Here's tentative list:
  • helmet (2)
    sunglasses (2)
    jerseys (up to 10)
    shorts (up to 10)
    socks (up to 10 pr)
    cycling shoes (3)
    gloves (all)
    t-shirts (4)
    shorts (3)
    underwear (3)
    coat hangers
    first aid kit
    Gatorade (liquid and powder)
    air mattress
    sleeping bag
    camp chair
    camping lights
    kenda 10x10 tent
    folding table
    Rig (that's my bike)
    D440 (that's a back-up bike)
    cycling lights (all & charged), including blinking red lights
    extra tubes
    disc pads
    extra bolts
    work stand
    tool kit
    bike wash materials

And, I might be bringing my friend Doug who has graciously offered to give up his weekend to help out (and to watch me suffer).

So much packing and preparation--why am I doing this? Stay tuned...

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