Freestyle BMX

Yeah, I'm back on the bike. I wish I had never stopped!  After more than 10 years off the bike,  it's taken quite a bit of work to bring my level of riding back to maximum mediocrity.

I've even doing some shows recently ...

Anyway, this is where I'll keep a running tab of the latest posts pertaining to my renewed #bmxlife.

Way below, also you'll find a little narrative about the early days and some random photos.

Otherwise, this page will be broken down to Old School and New School.

Old School, will of course be throwback posts with old pics or videos (from before I *quit* riding in 2000), but also links to recent Old School themed events like OSBMXR in California.

New School is just that, current riding and current events including photos, videos and rants, all from after I came back to my senses and starting riding little bikes again.

Dusting off the cob webs: After more than 10yrs of not riding, these are some of the earliest videos of me trying to work out the kinks and get back into it:
How It All Began:
I started riding in the early 80's. Thanks to Mike Lawless (still one of my best friends), I was hooked on a life of two wheels. The first tricks I saw blew me away (curb endos, kick-outs), and as an early teen I spent every possible moment on my bike. Looking back, those were some of the best years of my life... neon bikes, 80's metal, summer vacations--yeah!

Anyway, I loved riding so much, I tried to make a go at riding professionally. I was eventually able to make a living through my riding by doing stunt shows at fairs, festivals, and LOTS of bicycle safety/anti-drug shows at schools and other community events.

In the early days, I set all of these shows up myself (from making the sales calls to handling all of the logistics). I ran several teams: Northshore Freestyle Team, Maximum Performance Trick Team, Acition Impact Stunt Team; and eventually landed a spot on a national team: Perfection on Wheels.

Anyway, I was able to make a living for a couple of years just by riding my freestyle bike. It was AWESOME. I didn't make big money, and I wasn't one of the best riders, but I had incredible experiences, I met great people, and I traveled back and forth across this country more times than I can remember. What more can someone ask for?

Ultimately, times change, priorities change, and it wasn't feasible to live that life indefinitely. I stopped touring in 2000, after one last hurrah on the road with the Jolly Rancher/GT team. And while I used to have up to five complete, ready-to-ride BMX bikes on hand, I've only got one now... and that one only rarely sees action. I still think about riding nearly every day though, and those experiences certainly helped shape who I am.

Yeah, I made it.

You can't tell from this photo, but I'm about 1ft over the top of the ramp...