Friday, December 19, 2008

Art Week.

Well, another week off is in the bag, and it’s back to work again tomorrow. The weird thing is, I like my job, so heading back to work ain’t a bad thing. This past week was great as Jean was off too. As you can see below, our Saturday was good, and the rest of the week was great as well.

Sunday, Jean and I went up to Manchester, NH with our friends Mike & Jo to the Courrier Museum to check out some “aht.” They had a great
Warhol exhibit, and plenty of other great visuals. We also went to a Frank Lloyd Wright house. I guess, in retrospect, this week was full of art as Jean and I also went to the Griffin Museum of Photography and the De Cordova Museum of Art which is one of our favorites—and we made it up to Portland, ME for a day trip.

Jean and I also stimulated the economy with both home purchases and holiday shopping.

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