Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello Morton.

I hate being a patient. It's much better to be on the listening end of a stethoscope, or in this case, the blunt end of a needle. You see, I've been having some pain in my right foot. It felt like I was "walking on a marble..."

That's of course, one of the classic symptoms of a Morton's Neuroma...

I tried some NSAIDs for a while, didn't help...

So, I finally went to see a podiatrist, to get a cortisone shot in the foot.

Jean came along for moral support (i.e., to watch me squirm)

Pain was *better* but not completely gone for a few days, but by about a week out, I was back to walking on a marble.

I haven't been running, and I haven't been back to my martial arts classes...

The bright spot is that riding is fine!

Anyway, I got a second shot this past Monday, and I'm going back in for an ultrasound of the nerve on Friday.

Sigh... A pity party will be scheduled so stay tuned.

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