Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Diary of a Bearded Man

Well, as usual, my life has been a whirlwind of activity. Unfortunately, none of that activity has included biking or running. In fact, as I write this, I think it’s been almost two weeks (or more?) since I’ve had a good workout. Yeah, probably more.

As you may have heard, the wife and I are putting the house, or “crib,” up for sale. If you’ve ever sold a house (this is my first), you know what an overwhelming amount of work this entails. First, there was a furious effort to pack up any “extraneous” stuff around the house that we could put into storage.

Then, there was a furious cleaning effort (assisted by my helpful mother-in-law), and then there was complete re-arrangement of our furniture and rooms to make the house more “potential buyer” friendly. We moved some rooms around, the wife packed up her studio, and we’re back to having three bedrooms. While this was going on, our bathroom was also wrapping up the final stages of remodeling and I still need to hang the towel racks.

With just about every room full of boxes, I needed a storage solution—PODS to the rescue. They dropped off their biggest, baddest storage container (8x8x16) and we filled it to the max. My original plan was to fill it in one night, with some help from our friends, but that was clearly crazy talk. With a few extra days of on-site packing, we were able to make better use of the space, and cram it full to the gills. When we next open it, it’s going to be like those old fake cans of peanuts with the spring snakes that pop out. What fun!

I should note, that being the responsible adult that I am, I did purchase additional property insurance for our stuff that’s in the PODS. It’s a pretty good policy, but it does have some interesting exclusions. For example, it does not cover any damage that is as of the result of earth shrinkage. I can imagine the dialogue now:

ME: Hi PODS, I just went through my belongings, and there appears to be some damage, how can I file a claim?

PODS: I’m sorry to hear about your damages, but the Earth is much smaller now, and we can’t be responsible for your losses.

Those lawyers think of everything.

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