Monday, July 5, 2010

Montana--Day 2

So, if day 1 was all about travel, day 2 was all about figuring out what was where and what to do. First item on the agenda was bike assembly. I'm getting better at putting the bikes together quickly, and to be honest, I like working on bikes. Once we had our "steeds" set up, we scooted in to Glacier National Park to get the lay of the land. Our first impression was "wow."

GNP is huge with huge scenery.

We started at the visitor's center right near the entrance, which, paradoxically, was all about the Canadian side. I took a pic of the dinosaur (cuz, when you think about Canada, you think about dinosaurs, right?) and we made our way further in to the park.

Our next stop was Lake MacDonald, where there was a whole little village of shops, restaurants, hotels, and a visitor's center. We did our obligatory walk-through to see the touristy stuff, then got the 411 at the visitor's center. We wanted to do the "Going to the Sun," road on our bikes, and I needed to clarify some information about road closures, as part of the road is closed to bikes at peak tourist hours and there was some construction going on.

With those details worked out, Jean and I spent the rest of the day cruising around and hitting some short hikes.

I don't remember the details--we drove around, we hiked a bit, we drove around some more... 

We went through that whole "wow," thing a few more times and then ultimately headed back to the cabin to prepare for our early morning assault on Going to the Sun.

I'll leave you with a few more pics from Day 2:

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