Friday, March 16, 2012

Costa Rica: Tuesday (Martes)

We woke to more rain. Tuesday was a planned drive day, so that wasn't too bad. We grabbed another great breakfast, again with jim and Cathy, before loading up the car. Yep, it was 67 stairs up from the front door of our room to the parking lot where the car was. I felt every ounce that we had packed while carrying the bags up. Damn. I didn't want to subject the staff at the resort to that kind of torture, so I did it myself. And besides, it was a good little work-out. Once everything was up to the car, it was an interesting puzzle to get it all in. The bikes, no longer completely disassembled, and now in addition to their boxes, were tight, but we made it work. 
Up and down over twisting mountain "roads" and a couple of hours later we were near the Arenal volcano. Along the way, we stopped a German bakery that we had eaten at before for authentic schnitzel, goulash, and a heif weizen. We also had our first official wild monkey sighting, which was VERY cool. Read More...
Plenty of room...

Stopped along the way from some great German food.

Got to meet a puppy too...

We arrived at our next destination, Mystica, but unfortunately, the driving rain arrived shortly after us. We had enough time to get settled in, but within a few minutes of parking myself in the hammock, and I was getting wet. 

Oh well, or room, nay, our villa, is certainly more than comfortable, and a great place to weather a storm. The entire front wall is a giant sliding door--one panel of glass--that affords us an amazing view of the lake and the surrounding countryside. It's stunning. Actually, I hadn't remembered that Jean had booked the villa for us, and as we were walking past the other rooms (which all looked great), I was psyched when we came around the corner to see the villa. Awesomeness indeed.

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