Sunday, September 8, 2013

Zion--Day 4

Angel's Landing from the valley floor.
On our fourth day in Zion National Park, Jean and I went on one of our favorite hikes--up to the top of Angel's Landing. This hike is one of the hikes that first had us fall in love with Zion NP. It's relatively short, but is essentially straight up. At one point, you're just walking up a giant zig-zag to ascend quickly up these man-made switch-backs, and then at another point, you're clinging to chains embedded in the rock to prevent you from being flung off of the 1500ft cliff wall. It's awesome. Read more...

Many people who don't like heights, sheer cliff walls, and the possibility of going splat will stop at a spot called "Scout's Lookout." There you have an amazing view of the canyon, but the better view is further beyond.

Jean is not a fan of heights, sheer cliff walls or the thought of going splat, but she soldiers on and just keeps a death-grip on the chains.

The trail is very narrow on some sections--narrow meaning the rock that you're walking on is only a few feet wide, so traffic can be a problem as this is a very popular hike. We headed out early and didn't spend too much time at the vista.

After making our way back, it was time to chillax for the rest of the day--ah, vacation!

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