Sunday, February 15, 2009


It's coming... Spring is coming.... dry trails, windbreakers, shorts, longer days... I can't wait...

I'm sick of riding the rollers.
I'm sick of "bundling up."
I'm sick of ice/snow.
I'm sick of "wind chill factors."
I'm sick of running on the road.

Spring is coming...

Hmmm... that almost sounded poetic, huh? Or, perhaps, pathetic. Anyway, I'm really itching to get out on the trails for some long rides and runs. Pics like this one remind me that I didn't spend NEARLY enough time up at Kingdom Trails... Closer to home, I'm looking forward to Willowdale, Bradley Palmer, Harold Parker, Lynn Woods, and doing some more exploring on the Bay Circuit Trail. I *guess* I'm looking forward to getting out on the road bike too, but not at much as I'm looking forward to some good dirt time. Besides, the roads I've seen are trashed, and with municipal budgets being what they are, it will probably be years before we see any patching or paving. Okay, I just had to vent.

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