Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Cape of Cod

The days were warm, but not very sunny.
While I've never seen a cod wearing a cape, I did just spend a few days down in Falmouth. It was nice to go down there "off season." I can't imagine being there when the place is swarming with people, but then again, I don't really like people, so the same could be said for just about anywhere. Jean's parents had rented a beautiful house for a two week vacation. Jean went down for a few days, came back to do some work, and then went down again. Once my work schedule cleared up a bit, I went down for a few days as well.

All in all, it was a relaxing time. We did a little road cycling, a little running, I took some photos of random things (Jean took plenty of photos too), I did some reading, oh, and I did my fair share of wading waist deep (or deeper), into cold water to dig up quahogs. Jean's dad LOVES digging for quahogs, and if left to his own devices, would still be out there. My first couple of days doing this were a bust, but on my third day, I had 20 before Del had one.

Anyway, in no particular order here are some photos that, in one way or another, represent the trip...

I LOVE my new coffee mug!

Father and daughter, digging for bivalve mollusks.

Got one!

Triumphant hunters return.

The booty!

MMmmmmm..... Fuller's London Porter...

Who DOESN'T want a painting of a cat with its front paws tied up?

Plenty of options for riding.

One of MANY marshes..

Tastes like chicken, I'll bet.

Jean could spend ALL DAY sifting through this to find interesting bits of broken shells.

Clam Hunters.

This grass looked like an impressionist painting.

I want your soul.
Road Ride

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