Thursday, April 18, 2013


I'm back from Woodward West and the Old School BMX Reunion, and I'm finally getting some time to go through the pics...

This first slideshow below is mostly flatland pics. I added some pics of me in there towards the end, just to prove that I brought a bike with me. Thanks to Tony Donaldson and Jorge Luzuriaga for those shots! There was some great riding from everyone. James McGraw and Todd Carter were tearing it up, but Eric Stefano, Jorge Luzuriaga, Gabe Weed, Dave Nourie, Rick Allison, Martin Aparijo, Yellow, and more were rippin' too. I wish I had gotten pics of everyone, but I didn't...(If you're reading on an iPhone/iPad, here's the link to the photos as the slideshow uses Flash) Read More>>>