Friday, June 18, 2010

AT&T-->ATTEMPT at Talking & Texting

If you know me, you know I LOVE new techno-gadgets. So it would probably come as no surprise to learn that I WANT a new iPhone.

But, I will NOT get a new iPhone, for one simple reason--AT&T. See this picture? See the number of bars I've got? See the service I've got? Nothing. I get dropped calls, failed calls and poor reception. If you've been watching the tech news (and I know you have been), you know that AT&T and Apple haven't had a great PR run heading in to the new iPhone launch. Aside from the pre-order snafu's, I can honestly say, I've been nothing but discouraged by the network overall.

I will be watching and waiting to see what Verizon has up its sleeve, and maybe I'll break my contract early and actually be able to make clear calls. Until then, I'll be the guy with the wire coat hanger taped to my Blackberry, trying to get a good signal.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yeah, I've been neglecting my little pet blog, so I've decided to through some random photos at it, and subsequently, at you.

In no particular order, here are some images to amuse and enlighten you...

First off, you may ask yourself, "does David ever draw upon his training and education he obtained when he first started college as a graphics design major?"

I think this hand-made sign, done with Krylon and corrugated cardboard, clearly demonstrates that I've still got the touch. These signs were put up in Salem as part of a limited time installment. If you missed them, they're gone. The signs' brief life is part of what made them so special.

Of course, the signs were not only part of an effort to immerse myself back into the Salem art community and part of a Salem "beautification project," but they also served a purpose--I had a garage sale.

Garage sales are a great way to let strangers look at your stuff. It also gives them an opportunity to get lots of it for nearly nothing.  I had people sifting through the stuff well before my actual 8:00am start time, but as I understand, good deals don't follow a schedule.

If you've ever had a yard sale, garage sale, tag sale, or simply had hordes of people rummage through your extra stuff, you know the fun I had. I was running to show solo, but my buddy Rick did hang out with me for most of the day, more as a security guard, to keep the crowds under control.

Believe it or not, I did have some crowds. I wish I could have photographed them all. As an understatement, most yard sale shoppers are "interesting."

At one point, the rain started to fall so I moved the tables into the garage, and that's when the people with bags over their heads arrived. Why are women SO afraid of a little rain on their heads? Is wet hair going to look any worse than a plastic Market Basket bag on the head?

Anyway, I got rid of a significant amount of clothes, gadgets, housewares and books. The rest is heading to Beverly Bootstraps.

When all was said and done, security guard Rick, treated himself to a fine beverage, and I took the day's proceeds to the Dollar Store (not really).

Aside from hosting massively successful garage sales, and working on artistic installments around Salem, I've been riding as much as possible, although I'm still dealing with the SuperFly "issue."

I also let my friend squirt bubble-gum colored molding material into my ear canals. Don't worry, he's a doctor, so he knows what he's doing. This is in an effort to get custom molded ear-buds for my iPod. It was also an opportunity for my friends to make fun of my ear canals. Jerks.

How's this for random? There's a clothing store in the swanky "downtown" of Beverly Farms, that, as far as I'm concerned, has some of the dorkiest clothes. Well, their current window display has a pair of shorts with pot leaves on it. I guess that's how some of the residents afford their million-dollar homes.

And speaking of the weather, could we get some more rain and fog please?

This has been a weird spring so far; I hope that once we roll past the official summer solstice we have a steady stretch of sun.

And speaking of trying to navigate through thick fog, while also recording heart rate data, did you hear that my trust Garmin Forerunner 305 bit the dust? It did. It's been replaced.

That's all for now for my random update.

Until next time, enjoy this photo of Luna after she successfully hunted down and captured the elusive tennis ball of doom.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

OLD Freestyle Footage...

I came across this old CD today and found this video on it... this is back when I was living in San Diego...