Saturday, October 5, 2013

Interbike 2013

Ah, Interbike... the US' biggest bicycle trade show… To the average cyclist, this is nirvana... a chance to see MOST of the bike industry's latest and greatest stuff (I say "most" because some bike companies: Trek, Cannondale, and others have found it more cost effective to hold their own events). To those in the industry, it's a chance to maybe see some old friends, but it's really about work. You're selling your products to dealers, discussing new innovations to the media, and standing on your feet for 9hrs, while spending WAAAAAAAAY too much on convention food. Dealer margins, pre-season orders, sales spreadsheets and credit terms are co-mingled with discussions about the most recent ride, or upcoming trips. It's about bikes, and bikes are fun, but this is a business convention. Read More...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kingdom Trails

If you need the link to view on an iPhone/iPad, go here.

I had just enough time for a quick trip... here are some pics. I've got some video coming too... stay tuned...