Thursday, January 21, 2021

Beverly Bike Park?

I've been kicking around the idea of a bike park somewhere in Beverly.


Exactly where? Who knows.

How big? Dunno.

When? No idea.

But, all things start with an idea, so if you're interested, please fill out this short form.

Add any additional comments or ideas in the comments section below. Thanks!


17 Feb 2021: Had a brief but productive meeting with Beverly Parks & Recreation Committee. There is initial support for the concept, so now we move forward with selecting appropriate sites. Site selection will be somewhat complicated but not impossible. We'll need a location that's big enough, but NOT already being used for something else, not protected by Wetlands or Conservation restrictions, and already city/municipal property. Anyway, once we know where we can do something, then we can figure out exactly how big or complex of a park could be built and then think about how much that will cost and then think about how to get the funds. All doable. Stay tuned!

20 Feb 2021: Registered, which just goes to this page for now.

24 Feb 2021: Will likely go with this option for fundraising as it's already in place and funds can be earmarked for a specific park or project.

23 Mar 2021: Took a quick trip to Allston to ride the Velosolutions pump track... Super fun.

25 Mar 2021: Had a productive discussion with representatives from similar efforts in the area including Marblehead, Topsfield and Wenham. It was good to hear of others successes and challenges and speaking of successes, we got to hear from Mike Davern who spearheaded the Keene Bike Park.

14 Apr 2021: Stickers arrived. It's been my experience that nothing good happens without stickers. How will you get one?


Unknown said...

Hey, I was Just wondering how big the biggest part of the jump line will be, and will I be able to hit them on an enduro? Or will I have to use a bmx or dirt jumper?

David Alden said...

Hello--that's getting waaaaaaay ahead of the process. The first step is going to be getting the city to buy in on the idea and then we'll need to find an appropriate property. Course design will rely on several factors, but we're no where near that phase of the project.

Dan Brosnan said...
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Moose said...

Have you scouted out any spots yet. If so where ? Just bikes no motor bikes ? If motors are included you will have to consider the noise.

David Alden said...

Hi Moose, I have a couple of spots on my mind, but I'll be looking at more, along with taking suggestions (up by water tower in north Beverly, by Hurd Stadium, others). As for motors... nope, just legs and pedals. Thanks!