Friday, June 5, 2009

A week in review.

So another week off is about to come to an end. *sigh.*

I guess I can't complain--I had a full week! First, on Saturday I started by taking the dogs on a great trail run at Lynn Woods. Then, Jean and I explored some of the killer singletrack at Willowdale/Bradley Palmer.

Sunday, Jean and I rode up to Gloucester to Sugar Magnolia--a little restaurant that offers a peanut butter/banana/bacon/honey panini. Mmmmmmm! We did some exploring in Ravenswood on the way back home and stopped for some pics along the way.

Monday was my "catch-up" day where I ran around like a maniac trying to do yard work, house work, review mail, make phone calls, etc, etc. I also spent some time getting gear together for a day trip to Vermont that I'd be taking Tuesday.

Yep, Tuesday morning, I threw Mike Lawless into the car and made the trek to Kingdom Trails in East Burke. We had a great ride and topped it off with a nice cold 1554 (that's a delicious brew that's not available in MA, but my buddy Mike Schnyder sent me a case!).

Wednesday, I was up EARLY to take Jean to the airport as she had a business trip to take. I went home and fell back asleep, but then put some hours in working in the Emergency Department at Addison Gilbert Hospital. It was hopping ED and I had a good shift!

Thursday I had an early meeting to attend at Beverly Hospital, then G-pap and I hit the trails at Willowdale again. The dogs had an extended play date with their best friend (well, at least Gary's best friend), Amboss, the 90lb rottweiler. Tired dogs are good dogs.

Friday, I was supposed to do an EARLY morning road ride with Mike Lawless, but he overslept. I opted for a run instead as that has the added bonus of tiring out the dogs. I wrapped up a few other errands (ordered some lumber for a building project, picked up dry cleaning, pick up dog food, etc), and now it's time to chill out with Lightroom and Photoshop... Back to work tomorrow...

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