Thursday, October 8, 2009


Some days, you're the wolf, some days, you're the rabbit. Sadly, I had the fluffy white tail on today's ride. Mike was able to get out of work a little early so he and I met up at Bradley Palmer/Willowdale for about 15 miles of singlespeed singletrack syllogisms.

Here's an example: More gears on a bicycle means more potential complications, complications are not fun; ergo, singlespeed bikes are more fun.

And another: Cool weather is perfect for mountain biking, fall weather is typically cool; ergo, fall is perfect for mountain biking.

And this--which is not technically a syllogism: Mike kicked my ass today.

In addition to these fine conclusions, I also came home with tired muscles, a muddy bike, and a vow to crush Mike on our next outing.

This rivalry, which can be seen on roads and trails, running and biking, has only been going for about 25 years. I foresee wheelchair races someday...

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