Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Ice Weasel Cameth--and Wenteth...

Yep, yesterday was the last race of CX season for me (and most of the region, although there is one more race today in CT). It was perfect 'cross race--frigid, snowy, slippery, and fun. A full report--AND video is forthcomimg--but that's going to take a little computer time which I don't have just now. Until then, here are some pertinent numbers regarding the race:

  • 6: the time, AM, I was up to get ready to leave.
  • 9: the "real feel" temp, in Fahrenheit, according to
  • 2: the number of bikes I brought with me.
  • 2: the number of bikes I needed in the race.
  • 3: the total number of pedals I came home with.
  • 12: the "real feel" temp, in Fahrenheit, of the plastic toilet seat in the port-0-let, according to my butt cheeks.
  • 95: the number of confirmed riders registered for my race category.
  • 55: my starting position.
  • 1: the number of laps I had done before I realized that I hadn't hit the start button on my HRM (I HATE losing that VERY important data!).
  • 178: my average heart rate.
  • 186: my maximum heart rate.
  • 2: the number of dogs NOT so patiently waiting for me to take them out NOW... gotta go.
More later!


Glen Gollrad said...

Sounds perfect! Can't wait to hear more.

kevin said...

I'm going to guess the egg beater body sitting on my kitchen counter is the 4th pedal that didn't make the trip home with you.

If it is, let me know and i'll send it to you with a rebuild kit. she'll be running like new in no time.

i'll mention the pedal on my blog, (, when I do, just leave a comment with your contact info.

Colin R said...

I found your pedal: