Sunday, February 28, 2010

COSAT RICA Day 2: A day to recharge (Domingo)

We slept until about 6:00am, and were in the restaurant by 7:00 for breakfast. I’ve got to say, the restaurant at the hotel was great. For breakfast, we'd get a big plate of fresh fruit, orange juice, killer coffee and then your choice of many different dishes. I opted for an omelet, Jean for something with rice and beans and eggs.

After breakfast it was time to work my magic by building our bikes. All in all, it was an easy process and something I think I’m getting more proficient at. I do, however, need to have a better way to inflate our tires. Each 29x2.2 tire took 350 pumps with my mini-pump (yeah, I counted). My arms were ready to fall off. 

Right about the time that I had the bikes all finished, Jean went off for her spa treatment which included a “rain forest massage,” and volcano mud mask facial. While she was relaxing, I secured our Internet connection (I’m addicted, what can I say?) and then took my bike out for a short cruise. In only about 5 miles I realized that I had essentially gone from minimal riding on my rollers (remember, I’ve been sick for about a month) and living in frigid New England to riding in mountains in a rain forest next to an active volcano. Yeah, it was hot. I came back from my short ride drenched, but still, it felt great to be on the bike and to spin the legs out.

Jean and I took the BeGo into town, Fortuna, for lunch. We landed at Pizza Luigi’s, which despite sounding like a cheesy Italian restaurant was actually an excellent authentic local eatery. Jean had a salad with tuna, I had some chicken with mushrooms, and we sampled some killer obscura cerveza (dark beer). After lunch we strolled around Fortuna then made our way back to the hotel and, we actually took a nap! Relaxation was in full effect.

Dinner was at the hotel restaurant, which was again, perfecto. We got a platter called “to share,” which was a Costa Rican equivalent to a Pu-Pu platter. It was awesome! After some more chilaxin, it was time for bed, so that we could attack on Monday.



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Looks like a lousy time ;)