Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vermont, Part Deux

Yeah, it's been a Vermont kind of week. I had a killer time rolling around in a ball of cramps and agony in the field at last week's race, and, well, after a few days of rain, I was anxious to get back up to VT for some more riding.

I was able to convince Jamie and Andy to make the 3+hr drive up to Kingdom Trails, and I suspect that they had a good day trip. I know I did. Even after all that rain that soaked New England, the trails were in prime condition. We hit Harp, Coronary Bypass, Fencline, Pastore Point & Loop, Coronary (a tough climb where I totally dropped the HAMMER on Jamie and LEFT HIM IN MU DUST), Tap & Die, River Run, Webs (ah... Webs), Dry Feet, West Branch, Violet's Outback, Sidewinder, Border, Jaw, Maxilla... okay, get the picture?

The riding was great, the weather was perfect, and aside from my hydration pack bladder springing a leak while still at the car, we had no mechanical issues.

All in all, a perfect day of riding... I had room in my car for one more, so don't miss the next trip. Until then, enjoy these images...

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Anonymous said...

It was a true and forceful dropping I must admit! Dave is half man, half billy goat!