Sunday, March 11, 2012

Costa Rica: Sunday (Domingo)

We woke up a reasonable hour, made coffee, and vacation began. I finished up the bikes, we had an excellent breakfast but then, unfortunately, the clouds, and with them the rain, rolled in. Bummer.

But, not all was lost. As I mentioned, the resort is located in a natural park, with lots of things to photograph. They have an aviary with toucans and macaws, a butterfly hall, sloths, and jungle cats. We walked around the property admiring the amazing colors in nature, and then after lunch we made a break for it. There was a coffee plantation that offered tours not to far from where we were so took a chance on the weather and went on the tour. READ MORE...

It was a good bet because while very windy, the weather was otherwise clear and sunny at the Doka Coffee Plantation. The tour was very good and our guide, Omar, peeled back the layers of both the coffee cherry and the coffee industry. The samples were great too!

Here is only a sampling of some of the pics from the day (a few hundred between Jean and I). I'll have more posted at a later date with themes (birds, butterflies, etc). Take these for now...

Jean showing off her new watch.
We took probably a hundred pics of these scarlet macaws.
Omar, our coffee tour guide.
Some of the machinery that sorts coffee beans.
Coffee beans, drying in the sun.
Free coffee samples!

We got back to our room, went to dinner, chillaxed by the fire, and another day was in the bag.

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Mike D said...

Amazing photos! You and Jean are both great at getting that right shot. So no riding yet. LOL. Rain will definitely do that. If you would have riden, you wouldn't have gotten those vivid pics. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy!