Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Costa Rica: Friday (Viernes)

We loved staying at Mystica. The view, the food, the people, the vibe--everything was awesome, but it was time to move on to La Fortuna, and meet up with our friends, James (La Tigre) and Jes.

Before leaving, Jean and I went out for one more good ride on the local roads and dirt roads, which of course, meant more climbing! On our way back to Mystica, we were fortunate to cross paths with Francesco and Laurie, as they were heading out of town.

He was on his way to Tiliran and then San Jose, for his bike tour. We said our "so long,"s I made promises to speak Spanish by the time we came back, and then Jean and I had to pack up to leave town ourselves. Once again, it was a miracle I was able to get everything into the back of the BeGo, but soon enough, we were on our way to La Fortuna. Read & See More...

We stopped, once again, at Tom's Bakery, for some German food, and then, along the road from Nuevo Arenal to La Fortuna, we found a pack of coatimundi. These cute little critters, which are the size of large cats, have long snouts and sharp little teeth, and are relatives to raccoons. They seem to always hang out near the same area, and tourists (such as us) probably encourage this behavior by rewarding them with fruit and other food. There was quite a feeding frenzy and when some inter-pack fighting began, Jean hopped in the car pretty damn quick.

We stayed at Hotel El Silencio Del Campo, which is just outside of La Fortuna. We stayed there two years ago when we first came to Costa Rica, and I'd stay there again too. Great little cabinas, comfortable amenities, more great food, super friendly staff, hot springs, and impressive views of the Arenal volcano, this place has it all.  After the quiet, peaceful beauty of Mystica, we were afraid that we would be unhappy in La Fortuna, but it's got just enough restaurants and shops to have a fun vibe without being overpowering, and our hotel was close enough but also far enough away from it all. Perfecto.

James and Jes, finally arrived after a LONG day of tours of the local attractions and we shared photos, stories and cerveza y vino.

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