Sunday, December 23, 2012


I hopped down to Florida for just more than 48hrs of fun in the sun. I actually went down to spend a couple of days with my mother for Xmas, and to help her with some stuff around the house. It was a quick trip: arriving late on a Tuesday morning and leaving early afternoon on Thursday. But it was good to get down there, visit, see a buddy, and of course, ride.

Yes, I brought a bike with me. I've actually got a road bike stashed down there, but the part of Orlando where I visit is SO built up, the road riding is horrible now. I used to be able to ride for miles and miles in empty farm land and orange groves, now, I take my life into my hands as everyone is speeving, texting, and in a rush to get to one of the thousands of strip malls that now dot the landscape.

So, while the road riding is sort of a bust now, I decided to take a BMX bike. It's small, light, and can come apart and go together fairly quickly, especially since I took the bike without brakes.

Anyway, the bike comes apart, and fits easily into a duffel bag, well within the airline regulations for regular sized luggage.

I thought I had a good spot to ride, but the parking lot was garbage. I found a park near my mother's house, but every parking lot was slanted. I finally found a good spot and got a good ride in.

Nothing major occurred, and I didn't bust out anything new, but it was great to ride out in the sun for a little bit.

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