Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Winter Escape

Here I am, struggling against gravity again. Now, with my super secret indoor riding spot, I'm also in a confined space. I've seen PLENTY of riders do just fine with smaller spaces, but not me (Luke, you bastard). Seriously, I know most modern riders can shred in small spots, but I come from an era where a basketball court was sometimes considered small. I can't, and won't complain though... I'm riding, and it's winter... I'll take it. Video below...

The riding here does take some getting used to though (as you can see).

The two things I have the hardest time with are getting enough speed, and knowing when to pop in to tricks.

On the first problem, after a couple of good pedal strokes, I'm already at the end of the court and have to turn around, and the floor is so slippery that I can't hold any speed if I don't want to slide out.

On the second problem, I need to think about which trajectory I'll be heading off in when I get into a position, otherwise, many times I'll get into a trick only to be heading directly into the wall. D'oh!

It's still fun, and, again, it's winter and I'll take it. If I can keep it up, maybe, just maybe, I'll have some skills by the time spring rolls around...


badbonz said...
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Mike D said...

SWEET! Fun to see the slams too besides the nicely pulled tricks.
Love the white tires and plastic pegs to make sure that their floor doesn't get damaged ;)