Sunday, May 19, 2013

Old School BMX Beach Cruise

An Old school BMX Beach Cruise rolled through Hampton Beach followed by a swap meet at Rye Airfield this past Saturday, May 18th. Organized by Chris Hunt, the event was a great chance to see some great collector's bikes, and a chance to score some parts at the same time...

(Use this link to view the pics on an iPhone or iPad...

Can you say fun?

Old School BMX Beach Cruise at Hampton Beach, NH with Swap Meet at Rye Airfield from David Alden on Vimeo.

I had just about every desirable freestyle bike at one point, from the original Haro Freestyler in chrome, to the neon green Master, to an RL20, to many other Haro Masters, Sports and more. If I ever had any idea what those bikes would have been worth, I would have kept them all. But, alas, I did not. Mainly because I broke so many, but still, even a cracked frame might look great hanging on a wall. Anyway, with no old school bikes in my possession (yet), I brought my current bike, and it won an award! (don't tell anyone that it was the only entry in the New School category).

I look forward to more Old School and New School BMX events!

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