Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Great Glen Mountain Bike Trails

I hadn't been to Great Glen for many years... I think the last time I was there was when a buddy and I raced in the two-man single speed category in the 24hr race. My back seized up sometime in the weeee hours of the night, but we still somehow pulled off a 2nd place finish. Anyway, from what I remembered, the trails were pretty fun, and I thought it would make a good destination for Jean and I...

It's got a good mix of fireroads, single track, and good climbing. One of the things I like about trail networks like this is the ability to use a map to confidently navigate a ride. Plus, the place where we stayed offered free trail passes!

Jean and I had some good rides, and I love the chance to climb. As a side note, however, I was thinking of bringing one of my BMX bikes to hit a few loops on the trail network's advertised pump track... I'm glad I didn't because the track looks like it hasn't been used or groomed in forever, and Jean and I rode past it a few times because it was covered in weeds. Oh well...

I'd hit this trail network again for sure, and someday... someday, think about tackling the Mt. Washington Hill Climb... I'd think about it...

Until then, check out the pics below!

Crazy mushroom!

There were HUNDREDS of these tiny frogs all over the trails!

This "thumb-sized" bug landed on Jean and freaked her out!

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