Saturday, October 24, 2015

Vancouver 1

"Wow." That was my first thought riding into Vancouver as I gazed out of the taxi windows; a modern city surrounded by natural beauty. I’m not much of a “city person,” and I’d be hard-pressed to ever say that I’d consider living in an urban setting, but I could definitely see Jean and I living in Vancouver.

Jean and her parents were on a cruise that started and ended in Vancouver, and while I didn’t go on the cruise, I flew out there so Jean and I could spend a couple of days exploring. With only five days in the area, we barely scratched the surface on all of the cool things to do and see, but it was enough to let us know that we want to go back.

I’m going to break the photos down into a couple of different albums and I’ll start with some pics of the city itself and some scenes from the Seawall, which is the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path. At 28k long, it's popular among walkers, runners, and cyclists and provides great views the whole way. It also goes around Stanley Park which is a HUGE "city park" that has miles of trails through west coast rain forest and is possibly the best part of Vancouver. Enjoy these pics, more to follow.

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