Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Last Hurrah (for 2015)

Well, we took our giant mobile snail shell out for one last trip before winter set in. As you can imagine, we didn't get to use our trailer NEARLY as much as we had hoped this year, but plans are already in the works for next year...

We found a campground in Brewster, MA that was open until the end of October, so in an effort to escape for the weekend, we booked a quick little get away. Despite the fact that typical summer "Cape traffic" is done for the season, we still had to contend with Boston's rush hour traffic and the estimated 2hr drive took 3.5hrs. In stop & go traffic, pulling a 25ft RV. Fun.

It was pitch dark however when we arrived at Sweetwater Forest Campground which made navigation a little difficult. With this only being our 3rd outing with the travel trailer, I was a bit concerned about trying get find my way around, especially around some of the really tight turns. I successfully made it through, and thanks to Jean's assistance, I was even able to back in to our spot.

Our camp site had a great view of the pond, and in the morning is was almost mirror smooth with a mist coming off. Nice.

After walking the pooches, it was time for coffee, breakfast, and then mountain biking. Jean and I took off to West Barnstable to ride the Trail of Tears. It's a great network full of short ups and downs and tight, twisty single track. Super fun!

Later that night, we had dinner with our friends James & Jess, and James' grandmother and aunt. More fun. We caught up with James & Jess again on Sunday morning and then soon enough, it was time to pack up and head home.

It was only a short trip, but we got to hang out with good friends, get some riding in, and wake up with some great views!

Now, our travel trailer will be going to sleep for the winter... Can't wait for camping season next year!

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Incredible images, what's the red flower or foliage?