Wednesday, May 31, 2017

RockyMounts TomaHawk Roof Rack Review

RockyMounts TomaHawk Review
I have bikes and I like to go places. I like to take my bikes when I go places so I need to safe and secure way to bring them with me. I’ve been a Thule guy for a LONG time. I’ve had Thule racks on the roofs or the backs of my cars and trucks for almost 20 years. Right now I still have 8 bikes worth of Thule Racks for my truck and my wife’s car. But alas, Thule hasn’t kept up my needs, which currently include the need to carry a plus bike on my roof.

It’s really interesting to see how roof racks have evolved over the years, from clamping to old school forks with 100mm spaced drop outs, to modifications on that design because some couldn’t accommodate disc brakes. Then thru axles came out and adapters came out to retrofit those older designs. Then some roof racks clamped on to the crank arm, others clamped on to the down tube, and finally what appears to be the most efficient design, hooking over the front wheel. Most racks of this type work great for wheels from 20’ to 29’ but many of the trays aren’t wide enough for plus or fat bike tires.

RockyMounts TomaHawk Review

My good friend turned me on to the RockyMounts TomaHawk as he had gotten a pair of the trays for his Jeep & plus/fat bikes and they really are exactly what I was looking for. They’ll fit wheels up to 29” and tires up to 5”, perfect for my Bad Habit and my ROS9+.

At about $150 per tray, the RockyMounts are about $50 cheaper than the Thule Sidearm trays I replaced.

They hold the bikes securely and quietly, and the racks are also quiet when folded down, which I appreciate.

RockyMounts TomaHawk Review
Another feature I appreciate is that the rack is modular. So, if, for example, someone drove into a low overhead with a bike on the rack, that same someone might only need to replace one piece of the rack. Hypothetically, of course.

Installation was easy, including switching the orientation of the hook/handle for the passenger side of the truck.

So, if you’re looking for a good way to carry your bike on the roof, regardless of the tire size, the TomaHawks by RockyMounts work great. I got mine at REI (special order using my dividend), but you can check ‘em out here.

RockyMounts TomaHawk Review

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