Tuesday, August 14, 2018

OCD MTB (and BMX too)

I'll admit it, I’ve got some quirks.

Most of my friends know at least of them, for example, my bike’s tires have to match. This is non-negotiable. I can NOT have, for example, a Kenda front tire and a Maxxis rear tire. Not only do the brands need to match, but the models must match too. I couldn't have a Kenda Nevegal and a Slant Six on the same bike. Although, I will make an exception if a specific tire is designed as a front or rear (think of the Panaracer Smoke & Dart). But, again, they MUST be paired, and I couldn't willy-nilly choose a front and rear tire, even if they're the same brand. I KNOW it doesn't make sense, but I CAN NOT do it. Also, if one tire needs to be replaced prematurely (torn sidewall or something), I need to replace both. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I can't help it. But there's more...

Of course, wheels need to match, front/rear rims/hubs/spokes (but my Lefty front hub gets an exception).

My water bottles must match as well, both size and logo/design, and it goes without saying that the bottle cages must match too. You will, however, be happy to note that the beverages inside CAN differ, so that's wild and crazy.

I have some other weird bike component restrictions, although, they make sense to me. Brakes, obviously must match. I can mix drivetrain though, and I have no problem with a SRAM cassette and a Shimano derailleur, or vice-versa. I don't need stem/bars/seatpost to match, although, I prefer it if they do, and I angle toward Thomson. That being said, I've certainly had plenty of bikes with whatever bars/stem/post was the correct size, regardless of the brand. But, I can't have a component that's branded by a frame company on a different frame. Meaning, a generic alloy seat post that happens to have a Trek logo could absolutely NOT be on my Niner. Even if it's the best color and size and everything else.

I do seem okay mixing front and rear shocks, but maybe that just hasn't caught up with me yet.

I have similar requirements on my BMX bikes (tires, components, etc), and the bike is either  going to have 4 MATCHING pegs or no pegs, also non-negotiable.

And finally, I don't have much by way of branded clothing, but I could never wear, for example, a Cannondale jersey while on my Specialized. Even if it was a small logo, I couldn't mix clothing brands and bike brands.

Does this make me crazy? Maybe, but I can't be the only one with "quirks." Let me know what little things make or break your ride!

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