Monday, February 24, 2020

Let Me Tell You About My Shovel

William Macy's Shoveler from the 1999 Mystery Men

I’ve mentioned before that I’m always looking for convenient and efficient ways to get tools out to the trails. Many times the best tool for the job is relatively big, or heavy, or both, and in those cases I will either schlep that stuff out by foot or load up the bike trailer. 

There are, however, some pretty kick-ass tools out there that are strong enough to do real work, yet packable enough to stow in a bag. 

Enter the DMOS Delta Shovel. Available in both steel and aluminum, it folds down to be easily carried in a back pack, and it extends to allow you to dig, move rocks and do anything you want a shovel to do.

I’ve had some other folding shovels in the past, primarily to be kept in the car for those “just in case” moments. I never thought about those as actual tools, just something to be used when I didn’t have another option. So far, on the few times I’ve used the Delta shovel, I’ve been very impressed with the strength it offers. It doesn’t feel like a flimsy folding shovel, it just feels like, well, a shovel. I’ve used it a few times to dig through New England “soil” which is mostly rock, so this seems like the perfect testing ground. That was a pun, and I’m not going to apologize.

Anyway, I went with the steel option, and I’d be curious to see if the aluminum seemed as strong. I’m sure it would certainly be lighter. The steel shovel does weigh in at 6lbs/5oz, so while it does fit in my back pack, I know it’s back there. 

Both the steel and aluminum version run $199 online, which of course isn’t cheap, but this is a Wyoming based company that manufactures the shovels in Oregon, so you’re supporting a US company. They also participate in the 1% For The Planet charity and they support Tread Lightly and the Forest Stewardship Council.

I bought this on a whim, and in retrospect, I’m surprised I spent that much on a folding shovel (some of those online targeted ads are powerful), but the shovel is well built and seems like it’s going to last. If anything changes, I’ll update this page.

It was super handy to bring out for a few projects including leveling off some spots to make a sketchy bridge just a little less sketchy...

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