Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Traffic Lights

I have about a 25 mile commute each way for work. The vast majority is on highways, and based on the time of day that I go in or go home, I rarely have a problem on US1. However, the 2.3 mile stretch from the highway to the hospital is MISERABLE, no matter what time of day I drive it. I have to contend with 13 traffic lights that seem to be perfectly timed so that you have to stop at each one. With so many lights, you can usually see the next one while you are stopped at one, and as soon as the one you are at turns green, looking down the road I see yellow, then red. It most frustrating at 3:00am when there are NO other cars on the road. I HATE Cambridge Street. I'd love to be able to ride in--and it's not the distance that prevents me from doing so. It's #1--the fact that there is NO decent route (i.e. safe) from my house to the hospital, and #2 based on my hours, I'd either be leaving the house at about 5:00am (to get in with enough time to shower and change), getting home that same day at about 9:00pm, or I'd be getting home sometime after 4:00am--not great times to be commuting. Ugh. I just needed to vent.

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