Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yep, it's true. My trusty Element has been squished. Here's how it went down.. I was at work, minding my own business, saving lives and such when one of the security guards asks if I have a black Honda. "I do," I replied, and that's when he informed me that it was involved in a 7-car accident.

"WTF," I thought. My car was parked, and in a back row of cars, but alas, it was true. An older gentleman (80+) had come around a corner and hit the gas instead of the brakes and essentially plowed into several cars, mine being one of them.

D'oh! Oh well, the important thing is that he wasn't hurt, and in fact no one was. I haven't heard from the insurance adjuster yet as to the fate of my vehicle. Perhaps, I'll be in search of a new boxy car?

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