Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rose Mountain Rumble

Rose Mountain Rumble Gravel Ride
Another gravel ride is in the books, and I'm happy to say that I had a great ride at this year's Rose Mountain Rumble!

Awesome route and awesome weather... what more could a rider ask for?

My buddies Jason and Dave had done this ride last year and they raved about it.

So, after the Muddy Onion, the Central Vermont Cycling Tour, it was time for another event. I probably should "train" for these things, but I don't. If nothing else, I should at least get used to carrying my giant DSLR camera bag on longer rides. Doing it once every couple months for a 3+ hour ride makes for a sore neck and shoulders for sure!

Rose Mountain Rumble Gravel Ride

But, I like taking photos so it's what I do. I shot video too, and I should have that posted by this coming weekend...

Rose Mountain Rumble Gravel Ride

Anyway, from what I understand, ride attendance more than doubled from last year, and I'd bet that will happen again for 2017.

Rose Mountain Rumble Gravel Ride
Starting and finishing in Lyndenborough, NH, the ride took us over 40 miles with 3000ft of climbing. Good times! There was also a 20M option and a 100k option as well. And, for those with stronger legs than I, another 10M bonus lap. I was done by mile 35ish, as the cramps were always threatening to take me down. I limped along to the finish and sucked down a delicious, ice cold Coke and some chips. Don't be fooled by my selection, there was plenty of food at the end, all served in the town hall.

All in all, I don't have much else to say other than it was a good time. I started off at a good pace and then at one of the early hills I thought that the lighting was good so I stopped and set up to get pics of everyone else (I hope) except for maybe the front 20. After what I think was the lantern rouge, I started working my way back through the ranks when I was heading down a rough gravel road, noticing that there were a few people off to the side fixing flats... no sooner had that thought gone through my head than I heard that dreaded hiss.... Fortunately, Dave, Jason and Megan stopped to provide moral support and a needed tire lever (I owe you Jason). We rode together for a while and then I decided to move forward to see what photo options were available. It was a very scenic ride, but I wanted riders in the pics and in the end I just rolled through to the end.

Rose Mountain Rumble Gravel Ride

I've got this one on the calendar for 2017, for sure!

Check back here for video soon.

Post Ride:

Rose Mountain Rumble Gravel Ride

Rose Mountain Rumble Gravel Ride
Megan, Dave, me, Jason (taking the pic)

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Unknown said...

Hi Dave - thanks for posting about the 2016 RMR and providing the excellent images. I rode it as well (50 mi option) and loved every thrilling moment (and no punctures!) So cool is the fellowship of riders who stop and lend a hand (and/or tool or encouragement) when there are troubles. All the best, Jb.