Sunday, August 7, 2016

WTB Valcon Saddle Review

WTB Valcon pro saddle
Don't ya hate it when there's a product you like but then a company discontinues it?

I've been a fan of WTB products since SST saddles and Velociraptor tires (1999?), so I wasn't surprised the be happy with the fit and feel of the Valcon.

The Pro version is 135mm wide which makes it super easy to negotiate when getting back behind the saddle. No, I don't have a dropper post, and no, my frame's 27.2 seat tube won't accommodate one.

Anyway, great shape, just the right amount of padding, and only 270g (claimed). I honestly forget where I bought it, but it was probably on closeout somewhere. The seat was originally selling for $90, but you can still find 'em online in the $50-$60 range.

WTB Valcon pro saddle

WTB Valcon pro saddle

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