Monday, June 29, 2015

Central Vermont Distraction from Chaos

We have quite a bit going on. The moving, packing, and logistical challenges associated with our lives is a bit out of control. I won't get into the details, but suffice it to say that over the past month or so, there has been virtually no "down" time. Until this weekend. Jean and I had planned a camping trip to central Vermont months ago, and despite the fact that there's a mountain of stuff to do and to be sorted out, we still felt it was important to get out and chill out. It was a wise decision.

The lynch pin for this trip, the Central Vermont Cycling Tour was a 60M dirt road ride in and around Montpelier, Vermont. Unfortunately, rain of epic proportions put a damper on this event. It wasn't drizzle, it wasn't light rain, and it wasn't warm. Needless to say, we had other options and decided against the ride. And, it appears that the ride is going to be rescheduled anyway. With that ride out, it doesn't mean that we didn't get out on the bikes at all...

Quite serendipitously, the campground we chose, Lazy Lions, was within riding distance from a central Vermont trail network called the Millstone Trails.

We didn't spend all day exploring, but what we did see was pretty cool. I've seen plenty of comparisons between Millstone Trails and Kingdom Trails, and, well, Millstone was good, but Kingdom Trails is still, in my mind, the premier trail network in Vermont.

Anyway, that being said, the trails were good, well marked, and plenty of fun.

One of the trails leads up to a "Grand Look Out" and along the way, you pass some amazing carving done in huge granite blocks.

In addition to camping and riding, this was our first travel trailer camping trip with Gary and Luna. And, actually, only our second trip with the trailer. We're getting more in-tune with it, but the chaos involved in getting our moving trailer filled and the house emptied, made all of our prep for the travel trailer a step or two down on the priority list.

With the torrential downpours the area experienced, having a real roof over our heads was awesome. And with the Central Vermont Cycling Tour off the table, we were able to make use of some local running trails...

All in all, it was a great weekend get-away. We could have used a couple of weeks, but this is what we get, so we'll take it.

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