Friday, June 26, 2015

NEMBA Fest 2015

I've been trying to get up to NEMBA Fest in Vermont for the past couple of years, and it seems like something always comes up. This year was no different, but I really made a concerted effort and despite a schedule that borders on sadistic, I was able to get in one day of solid riding with some great people.

My drive to Vermont, unfortunately, started in Boston. At 4:00pm. On a Friday afternoon. Needless to say, there was traffic. Six hours of traffic to be exact. That's not how I had planned on starting the weekend, but there it is. I got to the venue, had a beer with my brother and some of his friends, and curled up in my sleeping bag for some sleep. Which, incidentally, sleeping in the high 30's, in June, was not what I expected. Brisk indeed.

Anyway, the weather was MUCH better on Saturday, in fact, it was perfect. My brother Ralph whipped up some delicious eggs, and a little later on, my buddy Mike arrived, then it was time to ride.

My legs are not what they used to be. Lack of sleep and lack of riding can apparently be detrimental to one's fitness levels. But, there was no race number on my bike, so it was all about miles and smiles.
Our first ride was super fun, with me, Ralph, Massachusetts Mike, Minnesota Mike, and Ralph's friend Eric. We came back to base camp, had some lunch, and then headed out for a second, also super fun ride.
I was surprised that the trails were able to absorb the 1000+ riders with barely any traffic or congestion. There were some hang-ups here an there, but overall, not bad. And, of course, the trails are amazing which makes this such a mountain biking destination.

After the riding it was time to kick back and chillax. Life has been CRAZY hectic for me lately, so it was a great chance to get away, even if for a few hours. My brother once again took the role of chef and whipped up some turkey burgers and some other grub. There was some live music that night too, but I was desperate for some sleep, so I hit the sleeping bag early.

The rain the next morning meant the most people simply woke up, packed up, and headed out, myself included. I had LOTS to get home to do, so I was said some "goodbye's" and headed north.

Any riding at Kingdom Trails is good riding, and NEMBAFest was certainly an awesome event. I hope to be there next year!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks DAve for coming up, still can't beleieve I didnt see you ( or at least someone warned me you were here). Good luck in Maryland, Thanks for all your support of Kingdom Trails. I have heard some good things about the trails there.(Avalon and Fair Hill)