Friday, June 26, 2015

Farewell Jam

Yes, it's true. I'm moving. New job, new city, new state, new challenges.

While there are going to be many things about the new situation that are going to be great, there's one thing that will not compare, and that's the amazing BMX flatland scene here in New England.

The amount of riders, the ability of the riders, and the dedication.. these factors and so many more keep me motivated. And I certainly do NOT get to ride with my fellow NEFlat riders as much as I would like (not NEARLY as much as I would like), just knowing that they're out there keeps me rolling.

Now, moving to Maryland, there simply does not appear to be a thriving flatland scene like New England.

Anyway, I had a chance to meet up with a few riders before my move--actually, I reserved a couple of local basketball courts through the YMCA and I was PSYCHED that some good friends drive up from a few different states to ride with me one more time before I hit the road.

It was great to see Jim & Max Bowes, Kieran and Brian Chapman, Scott Denoncourt, Freddy Brown and Rick MacDonald... I really appreciate the fact that they drove up to ride... there are many other spots that are more central for riders to meet up, but my schedule included moving responsibilities before and after our session, so time was (and always is) at a premium for me.

Kieran took some great pics (as he has been doing for decades now), and here are some that he, and Scott, snapped of me and the other guys. Again--these pics were taken directly from Kieran's page, or from Scott, so they gets all the credit! THANKS!

As of this posting, I haven't been back on my beloved BMX bike since this session. I can't WAIT for this chaotic, disruptive time to be over. My next ride will likely be on some random parking lot or basketball court in Maryland... stay tuned!

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