Saturday, January 12, 2008

Canine Houdini

So, our little Luna hates her crate. She's hated it since day one, and she's found many, many ways of escaping. I can't count all of the times we're locked her away in her crate (in the car, in our house, in other people's houses), only to find her out and about upon our return. I thought I had finally contained her in her most recent crate. First she had broken the pins that allowed the cage door to open/close/lock, so I replaced them with rods from Home Depot. In case she was able to break those, I also drilled holes in four corners of the front and locked the cage door with four heavy-duty locking caribiners. This held her for a while, but she has been working on chewing her way out! We're starting over with a new crate...

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