Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 30th, 3:40pm

Over the past several months, the sport of cycling has come under intense scrutiny due to the seemingly rampant use of performance enhancing drugs by some of the sport’s top athletes. Many riders have been fined, sanctioned, disqualified, or otherwise penalized for proven or suspected transgressions. I would like to take this opportunity to report that I have never knowingly ingested or otherwise utilized any type of performance enhancing substances including erythropoieten, human growth hormone, synthetic testosterone, Enzyte, Comcast’s “high speed,” or any products resulting from dabbling in the black arts.

I have no current or previous relationship with Dr Eufemiano Fuentes or The Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative. And I wholeheartedly support WADA’s chairperson, Dick Pound’s efforts to get his name in print as much as possible because it just sounds dirty.

Any questions can be directed to my public relations manager, and chief of paparazzi credentialing.

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