Monday, January 28, 2008

January 28th, 9:14pm

Saturday (1/26) was another EARLY morning. This time, up to Maine to help with my alma mater, the University of New England, with physician assistant applicant interviews. The PA program gets about 700 applicants, and of this, about 150 are asked to come in for interviews. From there, about 50 are offered seats, resulting in about 40 people choosing to attend (many people apply to multiple schools). I’m really impressed with the caliber of applicants—some of these people are truly shining stars, both academically and professionally. I don’t know how I slipped through the cracks, but they can’t take my degree away from me now! Anyway, I gave a tour of the campus to some friends, as one is hoping to attend PA school later on down the road of life. Anyway, by the time we had lunch and I made the drive home, I only had time to hit some weights for my workout that day.

Sunday (1/27) was a day off from work, yeah! Jean and I did about an hour and half on the indoor trainers, with our nemesis, Coach Troy. Then our friends Mike and Jo came down for some quality social time.
Monday’s (1/28) workout was an outdoor run (c-c-c-cold) with Luna of about 4.25 miles. So far, so good!

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