Friday, March 15, 2013

Tortola (BVI) Vacation: Day Eight

With our vacation winding down, we were still looking to explore as much of the island as possible. So, after a breakfast of home-made waffles with strawberries, we grabbed the bikes and hit the road.

As mentioned, the island is fairly hilly, and a road runs across the central ridge, unimaginatively named, "Ridge Road."

The ride was fun, giving us views of the island along both sides. We passed some great little neighborhoods and even though we only went about a total of 8 miles, there was about 1200ft of climbing involved. Yeah!

Of course, being in "vacation mode," that short ride took a couple of hours because I was taking photos and video along the way. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the video I made from the trip here.

After our ride, we had lunch at a little beach-side restaurant, Islands--good food but SLOW. I guess that's what happens when you're on vacation in the islands... things happen slowly.

Lunch took so long, by the time we got done and got back to the villa, it was time to shower, change and head out for our dinner reservations at Banankeet Cafe.
This place was amazing. Built on the side of a steep hill, the open-air restaurant had incredible views of the ocean, and because it's west facing, incredible sunsets too.

Again, I was suffering from "landscape photo fatigue," but Jean pushed me to continue taking photo after photo because just about every second the lighting and color would change. Fine, it was beautiful.

Dinner, sunset, and another day in the bag. Only one more to go before it's time to make the journey home...

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