Friday, March 8, 2013

Tortola (BVI) Vacation, Day Five

Wednesday morning, another sunrise, another good breakfast, and then out for another bike ride.

We started off on the same loop as before, out by Smuggler's Cove, and up and over Zion Hill, and then I wanted to try to find another little loop.

As is so often the case, routes that I like to "try" translate into lots and lots of climbing, this time, ultimately with some bike pushing.

We finally got to the top of a pass, and I was unsure as to where the road was ultimately heading. It was definitely heading down, it was simply a question of whether the road would veer off to the right (south), where I *thought* it would be heading, or veer off to the left (north), which would take us on much longer loop. Even though we were on vacation, we didn't have "all day" to explore, so we simply headed back down the road we had climbed. Turns out, after checking the map online, we WERE headed in the right direction… oh well.

Once back at the resort it was time for a little swim and some relaxation. The swim was fine, but I can only handle so much relaxation, so we got dried off and took the car in to town, Road Town that is.

Road Town is the big city on Tortola… it's where all the massive cruise ships dock, and it's filled with stores, shops, and restaurants--both touristy and with local flavor.

Our goal was to find the Last Stop Sports bike shop, which we did. We chatted with Sally who gave us some good information on where to go riding and some tips on local food. It's always so helpful to chat with the locals!

Jean and I hit up a huge local grocery store and then headed back to the villa. I believe we had dinner at the resort that night, but again, I have food amnesia.

One of the hills we.. ahem... *rode* up...

Good local knowledge.

Blending in with the tourists...

Road Town

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