Monday, March 4, 2013

Tortola (BVI) Vacation, Day Two

Day Two, started off for me, in the same clothes as Day One. To make a long story short though, my bag made it to the local customs office later that morning, and by lunch, I was in fresh clothes and squeaky clean.

We were staying, again with Jean's parents, Nancy & Del, at Frenchman's Resort, on Frenchman's Cay, on Tortola. It's a beautiful beachside resort with nicely appointed individual villa's. Our was at the top of the aforementioned hill, which afforded us an amazing view. Walking down to the beach and we were rewarded with a quiet little lagoon, rocky outcroppings and persistently incredible vistas. In fact, I quickly developed Beautiful Vista Fatigue (BVF) and had to force myself to take yet another landscape photo.

The resort's restaurant is one of the top-rated restaurants on the island, and each day's breakfast was included with our stay. I have food-amnesia, and typically forget what I eat once it's down the gullet. This drives Jean, who is a "foodie" insane. I think on this morning I had a breakfast burrito which was quite good.

Reunited with my luggage, I was eager to get the bikes together. To save weight, a few parts from each bike go in our duffel bags, and that's where the tools are too, so all of the luggage is equally important. No duffel bag = no tools = no bikes.

I'll admit, putting the bikes together was a pain in the ass this time. It took about an hour per bike, and without a stand or full size tools, it can be a bit aggravating. And pumping up four 29'er tires with a little hand pump gets tiresome too. But, I digress…

The day eventually got away from us and I think I ended up having beer and chocolate mousse for dinner. Proper eating apparently was on vacation too.

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