Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tortola (BVI) Vacation, Day Seven

Friday morning we got up, grabbed breakfast and go set to, once again, explore the island by bike. We rode from our villa, all along the souther coast of Tortola, to East End, and across the small bridge to Beef Island.

It was really a great ride, and MOSTLY flat. Well, not really, but it did start out fairly flat.

Getting around the island by bike was a blast, although, if you think driving on the left side of the road is weird, you should try biking on the left side of the road. All of my instincts from road riding, expecting cars (i.e. threats) to come from the my left were useless. Even the subtle act of turning your head part way, to glance over the left shoulder was useless.

And as odd as it sounds, it wasn't as easy to glance over the right shoulder...

Anyway, the ride was still great, despite my lack of ambidextrous head turning.

At Beef Island, we ate lunch at Trellis Cove, and then did an "about face" to make the ride back to Frenchmans. Truth be told, we were running shy on time, and we took a taxi half way--just far enough to get through Road Town (as that was the part of the ride that was a bit hairy due to tight roads, fast cars, and lots of traffic).

Surprisingly, I didn't take that many photos along the ride. Typically, our rides are almost laughably slow because I'm taking 154 photos of a paper cup that I find interesting. Nope, I'm experimenting with a new medium (for me at least), and working on some video. Check out my first go at a travelogue (with footage from this ride and others on Tortola) here:

Back from our ride, it was time to shower, change, and go to dinner with Jean's parents.

Of course there's a goat on a beach.
The night sky was amazing... most of the nights, the full moon obliterated any nearby stars, but for some reason, this night, the moon made a late appearance. So later in the evening, I got make up for my earlier lack of photos and see if I could get some star shots...

Can you see Orion?

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